Уютная гостиная

Уютная гостиная

  • Район: г. Москва  ​​​​​​​ Нагатинская
  • Дата: Закончено октябрь 2017г.
MIT Innovation Node is a co-working space for active learners and makers. It includes a set of mobile furniture offering flexibility and encourages creativity in the shared fabrication spaces. 3 panels of interactive display partitions near the entrance consist of numerous led light bulbs, served to display students’ work.
Light it up

Through combining, stacking of plywood and acrylic, a structure is created to contain the led light bulbs, where its color will change based on human movement captured.
Уютная гостиная
Уютная гостиная
Flexibility and Adaptability

Mobile furniture can be reconfigured in the middle space, transforming into spaces for activities such as group meetings, workshops and resting.

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